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Unfortunately I am not able to continue the update of this site, because I simply do not have the time for it. But I don't want to take it offline, because I hope that some of the information is useful for Rock'n'Roll dancers and those who want to become one. Lars Fl├╝gge

Welcome to The Rock'n'Roll in Germany Homepage. You are looking for information on Rock'n'Roll, Boogie-Woogie or Lindy Hop? You are on the right site! What you will find here:
The up-to-date schedule for german and international Rock'n'Roll and Boogie-Woogie Competitions.
List of broadcasts on Rock'n'Roll-, Boogie-Woogie-, Lindy Hop-, Ballroom and other dance events on German TV.
Reports about Rock'n'Roll events - World Championships, World Masters, German Masters, German Championships. Have a look at the pictures, study the results!
Maybe the largest list of Links around international Rock'n'Roll, Boogie-Woogie, Lindy Hop on the Web! You search for a confederation, a company, a club? If it's on the Web, it's in this list!
Who is who?
The best Rock'n'Roll couples in the world - have a look at the photos!
Looking for books about Rock'n'Roll and related topics?
New on this Server
Information about updates and new pages on this site - at a glance.


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